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Upon returning from Los Angeles where I worked in the entertainment industry, I felt the need to re-invent myself.  (There’s not a lot of work for middle aged actresses here or in L.A.)  I bought my first loom off of Craig’s list, then my second, third, fourth and then fifth loom….   I fell in love with weaving.  Now, with years of practice, I am currently exploring the world of rugs.  My rugs are made from the finest materials.  My hand woven wool rugs are made from Native American Blanket ends that are purchased directly from the manufacturer.   These rugs are one-of-a-kind, tightly compacted and durable.

The materials for my cotton and fiber mixed rugs are purchased exclusively from Kalamazoo and are the highest quality upholstery ends.  These rugs are also one-of-a-kind, tightly compacted and durable.  In addition, they are machine washable (cold water, gentle cycle, dry flat.)

The Warp strings (the hundreds of strings wound onto the loom) are poly cotton for softness and durability.


I sincerely hope you receive as much joy from using my weaving products as I received making them.


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